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The Back Eighty (on submission)

If hauntings come from secrets, not spirits, a small-town father will have to expose which sinister deceit stole his two daughters off his back eighty acres.


Dr. Henry Marshall’s eldest daughter, Barb (West Lynn High’s Winter Queen ‘67), ran away last year. Afraid of alienating his second born, Henry lied to his wife, secretly arranging Judy an abortion. But after Judy’s kidnapped, he’ll need to come clean about the abortion to his wife and authorities before Judy gets written off as a second runaway.


Judy’s disappearance leads Detective Sam Evans back to Barb’s secret diary. Not only has neither Marshall girl run away, but his own hospital ridden father encountered Barb before she disappeared. When a few simple questions at the hospital turns into a deathbed confession about dead girls, Sam uncovers a bombshell. Henry’s identity is a lie and their families are painfully intertwined.


Person of interest and boy next door, Clayton, just marched eighty acres into the shadow realm to recover his only source of affection, a mare named Cassie. She’s all he has left since being rebuffed by Barb Marshall. He’s determined to keep the mare safe––and secret––even when Detective Sam knocks on his door, questioning him about the dead Winter Queen.


Buried secrets are exhumed off adjoining property in THE BACK EIGHTY, an Adult Historical Thriller. Set in 1968, my book combines fantastical explanations of trauma like those found in Catriona Ward’s, The Last House on Needless Street, and will appeal to fans of Shaun Hamill’s A Cosmology of Monsters. It is complete at 85,000 words.

The Back Eighty (on submission)

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